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Suppliers Request

Weddings are coming back.

Because of the major disruption over the past year or so with Covid-19, a lot of traders, suppliers and vendors have come and gone. And now has come the time when we have to start all over again.

Therefore if you can help supply us as a trader then please fill in the form below. Remember as a Wedding Planner Service we offer our services and we try and get the best deals for our customers. Therefore we strike deals with all our suppliers so we can give our customers the best deal at a much cheaper price.

Please let us know what sort of discount you can offer us.

    Your full contact name

    Your business name

    Your email

    Your contact phone number

    What is the nature of your business

    Do you have references and/or testimonials?

    Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

    What percentage would you offer if we got you bookings?

    If something were to go wrong before an event, do you have a backup plan to rectify the issue?

    Any other information? (optional)

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