Changes to the way that the registrars in this country work, could mean the possibility of beach weddings.

Heres why

Currently registrars will attend a wedding armed with the wedding certificate. Once your wedding is complete you will get your certificate. This means you have to ensure you keep your wedding certificate safe. We have known in the past that couples have had to pay for another one just so they have it.

From May, this is all changing. Registrars will attend the wedding with a schedule. This is something that they will keep once everyone has signed it. They then take it back to the office and enter the details onto a computer and you will receive your certificate in the post.

Because of this, it opens up the possibilities to move towards an American style wedding system. Because using a schedule removes the requirement for a venue to be sanctioned for marriage. This would mean that a registrar could become the sanctioned entity and be able perform a wedding anywhere. We are hoping that this happens.

So a beach wedding, your favourite park, a garden, pub grounds, the list is endless.

Keep coming back to see how is coming along.